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Whole New Approach to Detoxing

Detox is not just about drinking green juices and fasting. Each one us has a different needs and so many of us have spent our lives in the vicious cycle of dieting and cleansing just to gain the weight or first symptoms back.

Statistically, only 5 percent of people who lose weight on a diet and detox can actually keep the weight off. That is why you need to change something for good, learn about new healthy habits and start using them. In Ubud, Bali’s healing mecca, you can find many detox programmes, but one sticks out that is quite unique.

Whole Life Detox offers fully personalized and professional guided three, five or ten days program. It is all happening in an amazing and luxury resort Svarga Loka. First you will have a meeting with a holistic doctor, nutrition specialist and doctor of western medicine Liana Nenacheva who utilizes a holistic methodology to see what is the best path for your detoxing.

The goal of this consultation is maximal detoxifying of your body, mind and spirit while minimizing the effects of the released toxins. Many people are not aware that release of deep toxins could cause one to experience mental, emotional and physical shifts. That is why it is critical to have a personalized program to help minimize these effects.

Through your detox you will need guidance and also someone to talk to. With toxins going out of your body, there is also a lot of bad feelings going out, which can sometimes be challenging. That is why it is critical to have a personalized program to help minimize these effects.

You will learn how to eat healthier, what exercises to do, how to start your day with meditation and how to practise yoga. Because detox is a bigger process than just fasting. It is letting go of all the things in your life that are not good.

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