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Ni Kadek Diah Rahayu–Bali’s first Female Pro Surfer

Some of you probably already know who she is. This native Balinese 23 years old beauty is the first Female Pro Surfer from Bali. With a long list of achievements, she is the inspiration for many young local girls in Bali who wish to follow her footsteps.

As a female pro surfer from the island of Bali, Diah has lived by the water all her life. Diah loves the ocean and the thrill she gets from surfing the waves. She believes that her soul is already in the water.

Recently Diah has joined the BALIAN family. Her femininity and talent is the perfect match to BALIAN. As Bali’s first Natural Mineral Water, BALIAN is proud to support and nurture her talent.

When did you first learn how to surf?

I started to surf when I was 12 years old. My dad used to take me to the beach when he went surfing. And it was awesome, so I ask him to teach me. Now surfing is my passion and my life. Whenever I’m in the water I feel so alive.

What is it like to be first female pro surfer from Bali?

Of course it’s very fun and exciting, but more importantly it’s a challenge in which I can express my talent. Although very physical, I always feel satisfied when I push barriers. I want to surf the same waves as men. This way I can show the way to empower women.

How do you stay hydrated being outdoor most of the time?

Being exposed to the sun on the beach and the sea all day does make me dehydrated very quickly. For me, to drink the best quality water is essential to keep my body hydrated. I don’t compromise with water. I’m now so grateful that we can have BALIAN. It is the perfect choice of water for me.

Why BALIAN is your preferred water?

Simply because of the effect it has on me. When I first tried BALIAN I could immediately feel its natural purity. It tastes neutral and very soft. Because it is natural water combined with natural minerals it hydrates my body well and helps me to maintain a soft skin. As a result I value and drink water more. It has become short moments in the day to make a pause, close my eyes and feel spiritually content. It’s an absolute hydration, to hydrate both my body and my soul.■

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