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Neem, a tree native to India, is a vital ingredient in Ayurveda medicine.
They describe it as “sarva roga nivarini” – that which keeps all diseases at bay- or as “arishtha” – reliever of disease.

Its extracts have been used in the Ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years for main- taining health and overall well-being. The roots, bark, gum, leaves, fruit, seed kernels and seed oil are all used in therapeutic preparations for both internal and topical use. It is also regarded as a “one tree pharmacy” and has many medicinal uses. Some of the most important health benefits of neem include its ability to treat dandruff, soothe irritation, protect the skin, boost the immune sys- tem, reduce inflammation, speed wound healing, treat gastric conditions, slow the aging process, increase the health of the hair and scalp, maintain sexual organ health, treat various forms of cancer, Health and beauty King and manage or treat diabetes. This is what wonder neem can do for your health and beauty: of neem’s active organic ingredients are rapid and highly efficient, leaving your immune system and skin intact.

Antibacterial Potential
One of the most widely recognized benefits of Neem oil, leaves, tea, and every other de- rivative is its strong antibacterial and antimi- crobial effects. This comes into play both in- ternally and externally, which is why Neem is considered to be such a general tonic for the immune system and as a simple way to keep your overall health better protected.

Detoxifying Effects
Whether you are using neem paste or leaves directly on the skin, consuming neem ex- tracts in supplements or in some other form, the active ingredients will help to rid the body of toxins. Neem has been known to stimulate the liver and kidneys, helping to eliminate toxins quickly and optimizing the body’s metabolic activities.

Fungal Infections
You can apply neem paste or diluted neem oil directly onto infected areas of the body, including athlete’s foot. The antifungal effects

Acne Treatment
Neem paste is recommended to eliminate much of grease and bacteria that can exacerbate the condition. The antibacterial nature of neem will also help prevent future breakouts, while the antioxidants in it will help to minimize scarring and keep the skin looking fresh and clean. Need also has astrin- gent properties, which reduces the chances of skin sagging or showing signs of wrinkles and aging.

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of neem make it very popular in shampoos and scalp cleansers, as it can help the skin re- main hydrated and eliminate dandruff while strengthening your hair and improving the health of hair follicles due to its antioxidant content. In fact, it is even used in traditional medicine to stimulate hair growth and pre- vent male-pattern baldness.■

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