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Kratom and Yoga Go Together–Find Out How

If you are up to speed on trends in the wellness world, you have likely heard about tea of kratom. The leaves of kratom have been used as an herbal drug for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, by the people of various countries in southeast Asia. What is interesting is that kratom is also great for physical exercise. You can use it for practicing yoga, martial arts, dance and even healing and meditation.

Kratom puts your mind in its right place for doing yoga or meditation for example. It can help you to get connected more quickly and be aware of your body and breath, plus feel more comfortable and get into the medita- tion zen easier. For meditation, it is good to take it before to get you to the feeling of ease more quickly. For using it for yoga it is better to take it after class because your muscles will relax more like this. Your body will also feel less tired if you take a dose of kratom after exercising various kinds of yoga. It is best to use “super red”, “gold” and “maeng da” kratom if you use it for meditation and “green” or “white” kratom is perfect for boosting your mental energy.

Good news is that everyone can use it, but what is important is that you need to get information about kratom when buying it. The dosage also depends on the condition your body is in and what you want to use kratom for – relaxation or energizing. Kratom is also a powerful painkiller, so you can take it after a vigorous yoga exercising if you feel that your muscles are strained. Some report that kratom is also an effective treatment for arthritis, restless legs syndrome and fibromyal- gia. When taken at low dosages, kratom can act as a stimulant, heightening alertness. At higher doses, kratom is a sedative. In both ways, it works perfectly to help you get in shape or relax more quickly.

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