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Beauty Workshop — Herbs of Bali for Health and Radiant Look

For centuries, Balinese have been using herbs for beauty treatments and healing. Farmers used body scrubs at the end of long day of working in sawah (or rice fields) to prevent rheumatism. So all the amazing herbs that grow on Bali have beneficial effects. You can learn all about it in beauty workshops held in Ubud.

Tour around rice fields and organic garden where you can pick up herbs and later learn how to make them into face creams, scrubs and lotions. Also, hear about healing traditions of Bali that can be applied even today.

Lilir and her husband Westi are well known in Ubud for their daily herb walks, an alternative tourism venture that takes visitors on a circuit around the rice fields teaching them about the benefits of herbs and natural medicines. For example you will find out that scrub or boreh can be made using a mix of cloves, ginger, red rice, galangal and temulawak (Javanese turmeric). You pound it into a thick paste and apply to the body until the paste dries and then wash it off. It will leave your skin beautifully soft.

In the workshop, you will find out that wide variety of plants that grow on the Island of Gods are not only for eating but also for medicine and beauty products.

How would you feel about making your massage oil with coconut oil, fragrant flower petals and pandan leaves? Or to learn to make body mask out of aloe vera and corn which is fantastic skin softener? Your knowledge will stay with you once you have been through the beauty workshop and you will know the quick, healthy and cheap way to make homemade beauty products. You will also find out why the king of herbs is turmeric and what for to use coconut palms, lemongrass, citronella, soursop, jackfruit and pineapple. Not only for your beauty but also for your health.

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