Yoga & Wellness

Healthy Retreat in Paradise

Simple, If you are a fan of exercising outdoors, then consider getting away from sweaty gym room and yoga studios and try the real thing on Bali.

Dedicate a few days to yourself, to reconnect with your goals, be kind to your body and learn how to deal with everyday life, when it lashes out at you. Bali Bliss Retreats offer 5-day yoga retreats are the perfect opportunity for boosting your health.

Through yoga, meditation, fun activities and time to relax, Bali Bliss helps you to reconnect with your true self and open your heart to your healing powers.

You will also be eating some of the best food—plant-based cuisine designed to cleanse gently, boost your metabolism and help you feel fabulous. You’ll feel lighter, your skin and eyes will become clearer, and you’ll want to take recipes home to continue a healthy lifestyle. The resort is nestled between lush gardens and a spectacular private cliff face overlooking the famous Bingin beach, in the perfect spot for watching and riding the waves that roll in.

Retreats exist for many reasons—time out from family demands, to destress from job or kids, reconnect with the partner, friend or relative or simply to have some time to yourself. But it is all for the same intention—to kick-start a healthy and happy life.

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