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FACE YOGA — 7 exercises for instant facelift

Many people have turned to yoga for feeling better, getting a better health and posture and also for helping
turn back the clock. But it doesn’t involve just downward-facing dog exercises. We are talking about your face! Face yoga is a series of exercises that promise to do for your face what yoga does for your body: relax and tone muscles.

Some are against it and claim it can also stretch the skin of your face and give you wrinkles, but the others claim that it can relax your face, which ultimately smoothes those tension-filled expressions we make every day without even realizing it. And just relaxing those usually contorted facial muscles can give you a natural facelift. Who needs Botox to freeze muscles into a smooth, relaxed state when face yoga can do something similar? So check these 7 super easy face yoga postures you can try anytime. And everywhere if you don’t mind a few curious looks:

Surprise me
Widen your eyes, trying to expose as much of the white in your eye as you can. Hold that until your eyes start to water. By holding this expression, you are exercising the muscles around your eyes and your forehead, erasing the negative effects of scowling by doing the opposite action.

Puff Up Your Cheeks
Puff out both of your cheeks and shift the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other, 5 times. Then release air while making a small “o”. Repeat the exercise three to four times to keep your cheeks firm.

Baby bird
Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then smile and swallow while pointing your chin at the ceiling.
This post is for preventing your chin and neck from sagging since you are working out your chewing muscle and the platysma, which is the muscle that surrounds your upper chest, collarbone, and neck.

Stick Your Tongue Out
Stick your tongue out as far as it will go, and hold this pose for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Drop your jaw to open your mouth, and make a small “O” with your lips. While keeping your jaw dropped, widen your lips like you’re going to smile. Keep repeating small “O” big “O” about 10 times.

Fish Face
Smile while curving your lips, then create a fish face by sucking the inside of your cheeks into the gap between the sides of your teeth. Perform this exercise five times to firm and tone your lips and cheeks.

Buddha face
Saying your “oms” can relax more than your mind, it may work to relax those lines on your face as well. All you have to do is make the face like Buddha – close your eyes, visualize the point between your eyebrows, and make a very slight smile.■

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