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Essential oils — Treating your skin with nature

By Nadja

What you put on your skin doesn’t necessarily stay there. Because although your skin acts as a protective barrier, it is also extremely porous. Chemicals in your body products can enter your bloodstream, tissues, and organs via absorption through the skin. So, you wonder how to have excellent benefits like smooth, blemish-free, hydrated, youthful skin? The answer is – essential oils. They can simultaneously boost overall wellness and health. What you put on your skin is absolutely essential, so let’s get started!

Against acne and for beautiful skin
Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antiviral, fantastic choice for treating acne. The oil naturally kills bacteria, making it the perfect opportunity to fight acne-causing bacteria. It also fights nail fungus, dandruff, and it can even take the sting out of bug bites. Thyme and calendula oil also work as antibacterial agents on acne. When you use it in skincare, it has a nice side benefit of helping to fight colds and infection!

Geranium oil triggers your body to recycle damaged cells and regenerate them. It will also help to balance your mood. Helps to tighten ageing skin while encouraging skin cell turnover. Patchouli and frankincense have the same anti-aging effects, but they also help control skin oiliness, along with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Against dark spots from the sun
You know that key to youthful, glowing skin is exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! Almond oil offers a natural and non-irritating way to get rid of dead skin cells. It also works to even out skin tone and lightens tough dark spots that come from the sun.

For healthy hair
If your hair is dried out and damaged, instead of conditioner, try fantastic argan oil. It is full of hair-moisturising vitamins and fatty acids. Same goes for avocado oil and castor oil.

Protection from the salty ocean
Ylang-ylang oil has been used for centuries to both protect hair from salty ocean water and keep it long and healthy. Black castor oil also helps with growth.

Skin and hair protector
Fatty acids from coconut oil are great for healthy skin and for anyone with eczema, too. Coconut oil restores dry hair as well and penetrates in the hair cuticle help provide flexibility and strength. Rub a small amount on dry ends, smooth a bit on your fingers to tame flyaways, or use it as a deep-conditioning treatment in the shower.

An easy way to use these oils? Just add a drop to your moisturiser or face cleanser before you apply it. If the oil dispenses too quickly, try dipping a toothpick in the bottle so you can grab just a drop.

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