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Bali's First In-Villa Vitamin IV Therapy

It all started with an overseas guest and a hangover. Feeling sub-par after showing an American friend one of Bali’s famous nights out, the friend mentioned that, back in the US there’s a solution: IV drips. It turns out IV therapy doesn’t just fix up hangovers, the vitamin and hydration hit helps with anti-aging, Bali belly recovery, heatstroke and just as a general immune system boost. The Dose also has a dedicated Dengue Fever package for people who have been diagnosed and given doctor’s permission to recover from home.

To meet customer demand, they have also recently launched three new packages: Anti-aging Skin Boost, Food Poisoning Recovery and Active Fitness Recovery.

“Our three existing packages can be used for these purposes, but we thought we’d make it easier for our customers by having some pre-designed options for these specific requests”, co-founder Naomi says.

The two co-founders of The Dose met not long after Naomi arrived in Bali (Elena originally comes from Spain and Naomi from Canada). Soon after, as just another example of the island’s magic “right place and right time” karma they became good friends and found a business idea they were both passionate. They put together a team of skilled nurses and consulting doctors to help develop The Dose products. When everything was ready, they were patient number one and two, and were pleased to report: it works!

In Bali, you can get most things delivered to your villa—and now IV therapy can be added to that list. “If you‘re feeling unwell (for any reason), you don’t want to move. That’s why we made our service mobile; we come to you.” Elena says.

If they have availability, The Dose can usually arrive on-site within an hour of calling, and treatments usually don’t take much longer than an hour. The Dose Bali is offering 10% off all packages booked in March 2016 when Bali Pocket is mentioned. They’ll have you feeling better, fast.

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