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Bali is Heaven for Massages

Bali is famous for its massage, and visiting spa is one of the main attractions on the island. You can find great messages from 5 all the way up to 200 dollars, but there are few special ones that you should not miss.

Creambath is pure bliss and it exists only in Indonesia. It is essentially a treatment for your hair with some wonderful bonuses. First they wash your hair while massaging it, and then they put preparation of coconut or avocado (freshly prepared or in cream) to your scalp and hair.

You can just sit back and be transported to heaven while you are getting a lengthy massage of scalp, neck, upper back and arms. It will make you feel special and put a smile on your face for sure.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image75Of course, you have to try famous Balinese massage. It has the special technique of using the fingers and palm of the hand to change the pressure for ultimate pleasure and a relaxed state of mind. It will also send oxygen and energy through your entire body.

But if you want to step further go for boreh and geothermal spa. Boreh is a scrub made of special Balinese herbs and spices that are rubbed all over your body to produce a heating sensation. It is the curative treatment for headaches, chills and muscle aches.

For geothermal spa, you can combine nice trip and spa indulgence since you will need to go to the far north of the island to find it.

Thermal spa is built around a hot spring that is formed from heated water from the earth’s crust and contains a high number of minerals with numerous healing benefits. You can get rid of the toxins from the body, improve body metabolism and increase blood flow to get new energy.

In Banjar Hot Springs sulphuric water, believed to cure skin disease, spills from the mouths of some stone-carved naga— mythical, dragon-like creatures— into three pools at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. They are located about five 5 kilometers from the famous Lovina coast of North Bali. If you travel further to the west, there is the Banyuwedang Hot Springs in Pemuteran, also a great choice for healing spa.

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