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Like the earth on which we live, our bodies are 70% water. Water composes 70% of our muscle, 25% of our fats, 75% of our brain, and over 80 percent of our blood. And just as the waters of our earth are being polluted, our bodies oceans and streams are similarly becoming compromised by polluting toxins.

In fact, one of the main functions of the body is to rid itself of harmful acidic waste products; but, with the accumulation of acidic waste from polluted air, water, and food, combined with the normal toxins created by the metabolic processes of the human body, we are finding it harder and harder to maintain the proper pH balance we need for health—leaving us sick, tired, and thirsty for quality ionized water.

Considering how crucial water is to our existence, it is no wonder that the most important thing we must learn is how to properly hydrate with uncompromised alkaline water in order to eliminate the negative effects of acidic toxins. Water your existence. And the right water will improve the quality and quantity of your life.

But what is the right kind of water?
According to the medical institutions, water with a pH between 9 and 11, molecularly structured for optimal hydration, and electron rich, is most beneficial.

Drinking alkaline water every day will offer you the best way to detox your body. Also it will aid in anti-aging, anti- disease, it will rejuvenate the skin; and lubricate muscles and joints. It also helps reduce body fat and fatigue, protects bones, supports the immune system, and achieves better overall health.

We will expand upon in our next articles
all the benefits of drinking alkaline water daily. Lets start with the reduction of body fat.

Bali Pocket 001 - December 2015_page39_image212 Healthy Weight Management

It has been well documented that ample hydration during periods of exercise and other weight maintenance regimens is not only useful but essential.

Alkaline water promotes the transit of nutrition to the cell and waste out of the cell. Additionally, frequent hydration with alkaline water supports the health of the stomach and the colon while promoting healthy elimination.

During periods of fasting and calorie reduction, increased hydration promotes a feeling of fullness while sustaining the cells and organs of the body with essential hydration. In conjunction with a sensible routine of exercise and calorie restriction, alkaline water is a healthy support to sensible weight management.

How could we imagine a future healthy life without drinking Alkaline water?

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