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The 7 Beauty Benefits of Yoga

By Micah de jesus | Beauty – Tips

What yoga can do to improve your beauty If you want to detoxify your body, tone your muscles and find relief from too much stress, it’s time to do yoga. While it is still sometimes regarded as a holistic approach to achieving a healthier mind and body, it actually does more than that. Furthermore, the practice of yoga also has a crucial role in improving your beauty routine.

While it won’t directly treat your skin problems, yoga can help in detoxification. Therefore, making it a part of your beauty regimen can help you achieve a healthier and glowing complexion, as well as prevent breakouts.

Below are the 7 beauty benefits that you can achieve through the practice and perfect ex- ecution of asanas, pranayamas, and vinyasa flows.

Creates a rosy glow
There are certain asanas or postures that increase the flow of blood to your face and upper extremities. These include shoulder stand, fish pose, child’s pose, plough pose and triangle pose, which all enhance circulation underneath your skin. Improved blood circulation provides a rosy glow to your skin, since blood delivers nutrients and oxygen, as well as flushes out waste from your skin cells.

Heals damaged skin cells
Pranayamas, or breathing exercises, are effective routines that can help you destress. It also improves body healing as it increases oxygen flow that aids in cell regeneration. Deep breathing opens up your lungs to ac- commodate more oxygen, which will facilitate the delivery of blood direct- ly to your skin cells. This oxygenated blood is rich in regenerative properties that heal skin damages caused by free radicals and excessive sun exposure.

Gets rid of skin impurities
While deep breathing and asanas improve oxygen supply and blood cir- culation, vinyasa, on the other hand, can enhance these health benefits by energizing your body, heating up your core temperature and sweating out your impurities and toxins. In this case, sweating is good for your skin, as it is believed to flush out toxins and dirt that build up on your pores. Plus, it kills bacteria by secreting Dermcidin, a natural antibody. And since skin blemishes and dullness are caused by these toxins and bacteria, sweating them out during your vinyasa prac- tice can result in clearer and healthier skin.■
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