New place to be jamming, eating and even working!

Hey, you fun lovers out there – we have news for you. There is a new place in town and it is sensational! It’s not a bar, it’s not a club, it’s not a restaurant, not even a coworking space – it is all in one!

With a concert, some seriously good tapas and a free flow of drinks, Raff’s – newest and one of the most innovative venues in Semin- yak – had a grand opening on Friday, 21st of April.

Band “Dennisha Sinay and Friends” was play- ing on stage, the crowd was swinging in the rhythm of Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones, and sangria in tall glasses was the star of the evening. The big bar on the ground floor is the first thing you see when you enter the venue, right next to the dancing floor and a stage that has a piano for all those blues and jazz nights. It was filled till the last spot and crowd were dancing along and nibbling small bites that kept coming from the kitchen.

We plan to have live music from Wednes- day to Saturday. Plus we have a woodfired pizza and are offering finger food like tapas, falafels, and sushi to go with a good music vibes – Sander Verhoeven said at the event. He is one of the coowners, but also a chef who will be making yummy things like black bun beef burger, ribeye steaks but also Balinese yellow prawn curry and Indonesian rendang.

On the second floor of the venue, you could find modern coworking space with everything a digital nomad needs. In an environment of good food and music plus meeting new people – who said working should be something tough? So Raff’s has a mission not to be just another restaurant. They have blended all that customers want. Piano Bar, sports bar, eating pizza and tapas, contem- porary bistro style dining and music, and a place where everyone can work with a high- speed internet. The Grand opening was or- ganized by Ba li Pocket Magazine because we are not just another magazine as well. How to boost visibility and create a buzz is also our specialty. It was the first in a row of our “Wow events” that we help organize and bring ven- ues on a map of places to be in Seminyak.

And while the party at Raff’s was going on into the night, you could tell that this is going to be a place to count on.■

Thank you to all sponsors to make that event unforgettable.

Bali Pocket Magazine