At one second past midnight on January 1st, the day will change from Sunday to Monday, usually an unremarkable transition. But somehow we’ve decided that this change is different. This unique tick of the clock has always prompted us to look back, assess how we did, resolve to do better and party! New Year’s day provides us the chance to celebrate having made it through another 365 days. Phew! Another year over, and here we still are!

In Bali, it’s mostly a tourist and expat business, as here New Year time is in March. But with the growing amount of foreigners, it’s getting more trendy to celebrate it even among locals. Figuring out what to do for NY’s Eve can be a challenge—should it be a black-tie affair? A laid-back shindig or a dance-til-morning marathon? The cheapest way to celebrate it here is to hit to Kuta bars and later head to the beach to watch fire- works with local crowds. If your way to meet New Year is to party hard and get drunk, Kuta is your choice. Be ready for massive traffic jams. Forget about being over ambitious by party-hopping; keep it simple and avoid an “en-why-ee” letdown that sees you spending the final seconds of 2017 in a cab. And relax: board shorts and flip flops will work everywhere.

If you are not into drunk crowds, then best option will be Seminyak, an upscale and trendier choice. The nightlife here is on the international level and chic dresses or high heels are common. Potato Head Beach Club is a tempting option with international DJ’s and bands. A stylish place but with reason- able amount of glam. Touted as Bali’s biggest New Year’s party, W Hotel’s NY bash is a must! Female DJs Sam Divine and Becky Tong (Leg- end Pete Tong’s daughter) will be the stars. Other clubs worth to consider if you like elec- tronic beats and love to dance all night long: Jenja, popular among expats and jakarta freaks, Red Ruby (underground techno) and La Favela, for the younger crowd. Pool party for NYE? Think of Finn’s Beach Club in Bera- wa, with an impressive line-up (Flight Facili- ties, Claptone…). A total hipsterhood, with skinny jeans, sneakers, 90s fashion, beards and quirky arty types? Choose Old Man’s or Deus in Canggu.

The season of champagne popping is upon us: let’s raise our glasses, party our hearts out and dance till we break for a diverse and tropical New Year!■

Bali Pocket Magazine