Night Out with Kids? Why Not?

If you are traveling to Bali with kids and don’t want to leave them even if you want to go out after dark, we have few great suggestions.

Start with a sunset on the beach. La Plancha at Seminyak has amazing bean bags, and chill music and your kids can enjoy running around the sandy beach and chasing dogs. They serve excellent hand cut crispy french fries that your kids will love.

Crystal Palace is also a great place since they have live bands and super friendly staff. Down on the beach, the sellers will be flogging their flashing toys, balloons and you can try some of the best corn on the island. There are loads of other kids there as well and they usually all mix until it’s time to go to dinner. For that, leave the beach and head to the streets.

At Legian, there is a bar called Uncle Norm’s, and the staff is wonderful with kids. Band starts to play at 8 o’clock in the night and while you listen to the music the waiters will do a few magic tricks for your children. You will most probably be surrounded by other people with kids, and soon they will find the same language no matter which country they come from.

There is also a bar called Legends in Legian which has great bands and some impersonators to entertain your kids. They also have huge menu choice even for those kids who don’t like anything!

If you have boys, consider the Stadium. It is a sports bar and restaurant with large television screen showing the current international games; that may be cricket, soccer, rugby. The menu caters to all tastes. The best thing is there are flapjacks right next door, with all sorts of yummy ice creams, sundaes, waffles and desserts.

But both boys and girls will love Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua. It serves dinner Pirate Camp packages. At that place, kids can go on a treasure hunt, kite building or zip lining. Perfect for parents who want to take a little break.

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