There is a new club on the island and it is about to become the new hot spot for all party lovers! Moksa night club in Jalan Legian opened its doors on Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th, and the line was so long to enter as if everybody in the neighborhood wanted to check what was happening.

And boy was it happening! Music with an excellent surround system was playing loud, DJ and dancers were doing their best, everybody had free drinks, the dance floor was so packed you could only sway from side to side and good vibes were in the air.

Everything about Moksa was carefully planned and bearing in mind the respect towards Balinese culture. Adress in Jalan Legian is not random – it is near the site where 2002. two bombs ripped through the Kuta killing 202 people. Among those killed at Paddy’s Irish Bar and the nearby Sari Club were people from 21 countries, including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, and 28 Britons. Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, took the responsibility for the terrible atrocity and Indonesian government into turned it into a Memorial site for victims. That part of Legian has been marked by the tragedy ever since. But now people who are in love with Bali want to change that perception and give the area a new boost with a fantastic new club where only the good vibrations are welcome.

The word moksa or moksha in Hinduism marks the release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. That is why we chose it – we want to change the energy of Legian and make it a super positive place again. We want people to forget the bad things that happened at ground zero and we want to give them good and great new things – the manager of the club, Craig, explained for Bali Pocket Magazine. Together with the owner Satria and the crew of 187 people, they want everybody to feel welcome and enjoy themselves.

We have two floors at the moment, but we plan to have five. We have 15 wifi spots around the club, as well as flat TV screens where you can play interactive games and we want to spoil our guests so they never want to leave – talks Craig about Moksa plans. The club’s motto is to bring good radiation into the world. Judging by the opening night – they are on a right path to celebrate life.■

Bali Pocket Magazine