Live Music that You Have to Hear

Bali is a perfect place for chilling and watching a sunset while listening to some soft tunes lying in the hammock or stretching out in a bean bag. But did you know that you can also hear some seriously good rock’n’roll rhythms and sway your hips while amazing bands are kicking it off on a stage? Oh yes, every day in the week there is a gig on the island that will make your blood pump and remember how beautiful life is!

The Orchard bar and restaurant

This rocking local has been gently boiling away and is now making its mark on the local music scene. With more than just cold beer on tap, live music has become a fixture in the back garden, and punters are lining up for the regular live acts and jam sessions. Some of Bali’s best musicians make this their haunt for an extra music fix after their resident gigs elsewhere and bring with them enough energy to shake the walls every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. From blues to reggae to Indie rock, this is where you’ll find the local music scene brewing thick and loud! Our personal favorite is Tuesday with Athron and his mellow voice, but Dadang from Navicula / A conscious Coup / Dialog Dini Hari, Aray Daulay, Iwanouz, Made J, Astika and Diana Rosa are also not to be missed!

Live music DEUS

This hipster driven motorbike Mecca come bar has claimed Sunday nights in Canggu as it’s own. Crowds roll in by the hundreds to cram out the open aired back garden and pay homage to live music played the way it should be: loud, sweaty, dirty and bashed out in front of a moshing crowd.


As surfers wash down their boards, and the sun sets over Canggu’s beaches, bands can be heard sound-checking and warming up for another massive session at this super popular beachside bar. Tuesdays and Thursdays have acoustic artists rolling out the live sounds while Fridays step it up a notch with everything from rockabilly, reggae, rock and indie folk bands grinding out live sets to the chugging masses.


The Bukit may be a respite for the ‘early to bed’ surfers, but nobody is shy of a drink when it comes to Thursday nights at this Bingin bar. With a huge outdoor area and dedication to keeping the music scene alive, Cashew Tree steps up to the plate with a huge serving of live music from Bali’s best bands and solo artists.

live music by ryoshiRYOSHI

Thanks to the well-honed skills of Jazz legends like Rio Sidik and his crew of off the chart talented musicians, Ryoshi’s Monday nights became synonymous with live music jams taken to the next level. Those who dared to step on stage were never short of the talent to back up the appearance. The tradition continues, and you can always expect a huge turnout for the jams on a Monday night at this sushi spanking restaurant.

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