Life’s a beach!

Over the past few years, clubbing culture has seen a lot of changes, with more and more people wanting to party under the sun or stars at an outdoor party.

It is a very different experience to go to a beach party than it is to be inside a super club and when the climate is as good as Bali’s, beach parties were an inevitable success. There were just as many beach clubs opening as bars, with W Hotel, Kudeta, Cocoon or the newest arrival, Finns Beach Club offering new perspectives to Canggu evenings. A great plus about beach bars is that you don’t have to choose between a tan and a party. But do not make the mistake of thinking that a beach club is nothing but chilled out music and lounging around because they can be just as lively as their indoor equivalents, with the added bonus of fresh air, unlimited space to move about and a spectacular view! Some- times its about letting loose and partying until your feet start complaining! Potato Head was the forerunner. At scheduled events, international DJs take the stage in front of an ocean backdrop. Among those who have graced the agenda are Mark Ronson, Justice and Fat Boy Slim. It’s also the regular host for the Ultra Beach Bali EDM festival.

If some have successfully brought Mediterannean style and Ibiza-inspired party vibes to this tropical island, a handful of others retain a more local and traditional setup. The latest trend are venues like La Plancha, Sand Bar or 707. No elegant pools, stylish bars or sophistication: only sandy dance floors that will have you partying until the wee hours. One of the lesser known place for a seaside celebration, Arboon is yet another amazing beach destination. This place hosts Full Moon parties which cater to more partygoers every month. For head-banging, foot-thumping, wild and crazy nights head over to the best beach party spot in Canggu. And if you want to dance your heart out in a terrific and magnificent natural scenery, the Glow party at Karma Kandara beach is the place you need to head to right away!

Nightlife in Bali is beautiful, wild, and diverse. But these outdoor nights have often been the most surreal, memorable and cher- ished times this island has to offer. A back-to-nature experience – a magical setting for all-night partying and an exciting alternative to air-conditioned dance floors!■

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