Great party vibes at Artfulink Tatoo Studio

With an exclusive visit to the event organised by Artfulink Tattoo Bali Studio, the Bali Pocket Magazine crew discovered the magical world of tattoo art and good vibes.

Bali Pocket team was greeted by the owners Kiara Musca and Paulo Martino at the entrance and led in the studio that was transformed into a party club. DJ Osman was playing dance tunes while cocktails were floating around and people were mingling and dancing.

bali-pocket-013-23-nov-2016-revisi-2_page92_image43Artfulink owners also prepared a special show for all the guests – live tattooing. On the first floor of the studio, the tattoo artists were preparing to make one their drawings on a back of one of the guests. Artist Herly who can tattoo absolutely anything was working together with Niwa to make a beautiful painting. Soon in front of the eyes of the spectators, the tattoo took shape while the atmosphere was heating up downstairs. There were belly dancers covered in gold dust dancing vigorously and they even had a special guest – huge python as a dancing partner!

Tasty cocktails that Kiara herself was preparing at a bar elevated everybody’s mood and the show wouldn’t be complete without dancers with fire. They were juggling flying objects with precision and grace to every- body’s cheering. Truly great night with lots of good energy from Artfulink Tattoo crew.■

Bali Pocket Magazine