Fright Night

Be afraid, be very afraid… Like a stealthy vampire or a sneaky zombie, Halloween has snuck up on us again. The main event falls on Tuesday 31st of October, but there are also plenty of frightfully fantastic other nightlife happenings booked in for the weekend before. Here are the spookiest parties in town this year. Don’t have nightmares.

From Mirror to Red Ruby, in Kuta, Seminyak or elsewhere on the island, let’s dive into a world of horrifying performances and crazy monstrosities. Forget the fancy venues: think dungeons, ancient crypts and dripping candelabras. First of all: costumes are mandatory, so find a creepy one: sexy E.T, Chuckie, Trump, whatever! Then scream your way through some of the haunted houses in town to start your killer party!. Prepare for ghoulishly outrageous outfits, Hammer Horror style extravaganza and exorcise yourself with a healthy portion of bass and beats. Halloween parties are your best excuse to dress provocatively, drink excessively and be (or go home with) someone else for a night. It’s THE night of freedom: the one and only night a year that girls can dress like total sluts and no other girl can say anything about it! The celebration of ugliness!

One of the hottest parties will find place at Mixwell. This drag queen gathering promises a Halloween so thrilling it’ll make you lose your head. Add some kinky fun at Jenja. The dead are coming out to play at this trendy place that will feature hot DJs, amaz- ing decorations and bloodcurdling cabaret. Though ticket prices look scary, big fun and tequila-fueled chaos are guaranteed. It’s worth the money! There’s no place more di- abolical than Sky Garden. That means shoulder-to-shoulder hordes of zombies under the Sky Dome. Billed as “the only Halloween party in town” (we guess they mean the only one that matters?), this Bali institution promises burlesque performances, creepy pole dancers and so many more it’s scary. Prizes will be given out throughout the night for best/ sexiest/funniest/etc… costume. A night to see just how spooky EDM can be!

It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals may have pagan roots. That’s why the tribal vibe of house music matches perfectly. To all you night monsters, this is an opportunity to dress up, trick out and treat yourself to more than one killer night. But pace yourself or you may not come out of these hell-raising happenings in one piece. Spooktacular!■

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