Food for Thought

Seminyak nightlife has flourished over the years with its rich collection of sophisticated entertainment venues, bars and hotspots. Dining destinations with exciting menus and splendid beachfront settings have always been one of Bali’s main attractions. As the clubbing scene in Seminyak evolved massively the last years, places like Jenja, Opivm, Mirror or Woo Bar appeared, hosting regularly superstar Djs. Recently, a new phenomenon appeared, turning restaurants into dance destinations. La Favela was the laboratory rat: a restaurant during the daytime, but a club in the night – or more precisely something that resembles a private house party. And that’s what makes the difference with ordinary bars and lounges: not a regular disco experience. Then Motel Mexicola followed the wave: a colourful and quirky Mexican restaurant hosting parties, transporting customers “south of the border”. Old Man’s is another example. When a peaceful beach restaurant turns into a wild dance venue: the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Canggu nightlife!

If the first mentioned places became party temples ”by accident”, some others, like Da Maria embraced the concept of supper club very intentionally: an Italian culinary experience while being a prominent nightlife figure. Supper clubs are exactly what the name suggests, an upscale restaurant that later turns into a club. These one-stop destinations offer a lavish meal, an extensive drink menu, and entertainment that last well into the evening. While Seminyak has more than enough bars to experience, these clubs tend to attract a more trendy and mature crowd. Born of the simple notion that food and entertainment can go hand in hand. If your requirement is dinner then onto a club, why not do it all under one roof by cutting out the annoying bit in the middle of your evening when you’re standing on the corner of a street, wondering where to go next? Jungle and La Hacienda in Umalas are the superstars of Friday nights: ordinary eateries that become mass venues once the children sleep. It’s natural to have the urge to roll onto your couch and binge-watch Netflix after a filling meal. However, following dinner and drinks at la Hacienda, you’ll instead find yourself on the dance floor, driven by the coolest Berlin djs!

These success stories have a simple reason: the collision between two different planets: ”diners” and “clubbers”. While the real party animals are arriving, the others who wouldn’t go to an ordinary disco finally stay and discover that there can be life and fun after Midnight. A win – win situation!■

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