Patrix Johnson, was born in Netherlands and we all know him for hosting his own night weekly and being the support act for the guest DJ’s at the biggest club in Bali, Sky Garden. Besides, he also travels all over Asia and Australia to bring his Future House and Electro sound around.

Q : Is your family into music?
A : My grandfather (from Dad’s side) had a radio station back in Holland when I was a kid and I really liked it to see him work and help putting the records on. This made me buy records from a really young age and I started to play and make music as a hobby.

Q : Who has inspired you in your life and why?
A : My Grandfather (from Mom’s side) was always really supportive of the artistic and creative things that I did. He always supported me but said, “if you do something, do it good and if you start something, finish it be- fore you start something new”. I always keep that in mind, till today. I try to make the best of everything and think of his words often. As a DJ, Erick E. (NL) inspired me. He was a house DJ but really adjusted his sound/set to the location and people he played for, but al- ways kept his own signature sound and style. That is something what I try to do today also. I adjust my music but never play something out of my own comfort zone or something I don’t like myself.

Q : You said that to become a DJ wasn’t a dream but a destiny… Tell us more
A : I play and make music since I was a little boy; I was 12 when I was asked to play in a small club for the kid’s disco. That was my first ‘real’ gig. I don’t know any better and couldn’t think of a life without music. When I take a holiday and don’t play for a few weeks, I’m always very excited to start again because a after a week not playing I start to miss it. Coming out soon is one track that is collaboration with Jake Reese, the Dutch singer that also makes tracks with Hardwell. I am very excited about that one.

Q : What’s your favorite gig ever? When and where?
A : Something for your Mind, Rijnhal Arnhem (NL). Something for your Mind was one of the first Rave parties I ever visited. When there was a revival party almost 10 years after I was booked for a gig to play and this was really special for me. The big venue, 10.000 people in a place where I used to go myself for par- ty. I played after Armin van Buuren. A special night!

Q : Okay, from 1 to 10, how much do you love Bali?
A : 9! I see Bali as my new home and I love to stay here, the only thing I often miss are my mother, brothers and my friends. It’s not pos- sible to watch a football match in the stadium of my favorite club together with my buddies or go for a dinner what we very often did. If that would be possible in Bali, 10 FOR SURE!

Awesome! Thanks for your time, Pat. See you on next party!■

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