The Southern part of Bali has always been known for surfing. Catching the waves all day, going to bed early, paddling into golden sunrise. But in a recent year, everything has changed and the most southern part of Bali became a place for some great nightlife as well.

Whether surfers all over the world decided it is time to have some fun or more and more tourists come to be on this beautiful part of the island – the nightlife scene is booming.

Everything begins with a sunset and dinner of course! Some of the most breathtaking bars on the island line the limestone cliff- fringed coast, with stunning ocean-facing locations. From Uluwatu to Jimbaran there are some amazing places to watch the sun- set, sip ice cold beer or a cocktail and simply enjoy life.

In rooftop bars, you can enjoy a bird’s eye- view over the heights of Bali’s southern Bukit peninsula, together with great drinks, settings, and music. Some are also surf-themed, overlooking one of Bali’s most famous surf spots – Uluwatu. Jimbaran Bay is still the best choice for some yummy fish dinner because there are so many choices nobody will stay hungry. You can enjoy fresh fish and young coconuts under the candle lights and live band playing will be playing around for the super relaxed, tropical atmosphere. Bingin beach also has tables on the sand beach with the fish menu and the vibe is even more relaxed. That is a perfect intro into the night- life of Bukit. And now this part of Bali offers live music every night. Near Balangan beach there is a different band playing every night, Padang Padang has music on the beach ev- ery Saturday and Wednesdays and Sundays are reserved for Uluwatu. On a breathtaking cliff in a club with music, DJ and band playing with so many happy people around – you will be truly grateful you have come to this part of the island.

Even if you want to have just a few drinks, there are numerous restaurants that opened on Jalan Uluwatu – all the way from GWK cultural center to Uluwatu. In warungs and in front of little shops surfers can be seen relaxing with an ice cold Bintangs before heading to the parties. But for those who are looking for a more sophisticated experience, there are also lot choices because Bukit is the place with some of the best high-class resorts. Bars in those resorts overlooking the wide ocean with signature cocktails, exceptional views with waves crashing at the rock base, cool vibes set by its resident music DJs and regular gigs offer relaxing spots where you can easily lose your sense of time. The only thing you need to do? Come to Bukit to sense the amazing night life!■

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