Best Places for Hot Days and Cold Beers –Part Two

It is the rainy season on the island, but that doesn’t mean that it is cold. Quite contrary! It is summer here 8 degrees south of the equator and the days are hot and humid. Ideal for a glass of ice cold beer. Here is where we take you in part two of our Best Places for Cold Beers.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image556. HQ Beach Club

HQ Beach Club at the Grand Inna Kuta Bali, also known as ‘Headquarters’, is Kuta’s cool spot right on the beach where you can grab a pint of ‘minus two degrees Celsius’ beer, as they like to call it. Cold beer is served there with crushed ice. You will find Bintang and Bali Hai on the list, alongside international regulars of Carlsberg, Heineken and Guinness. The excellent location and laidback setting of HQ’s bar with its many lounging options inside and on its mini poolside lawn, make this a great stopover on your walks along the beach path for beers at noon or sunset.

 HQ Beach Club—Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta
 Mon–Sun, 9am–midnight

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image597. Romeo’s Bar & Grillery

The main bar at Ossotel Bali in Legian offers a cosy spot for enjoying cold beers and snacks. Brick walls are inspired by a traditional English pub which gives it a more relaxed feel and goes perfectly with a menu that specialises in a variety of grilled meats and seafood. Special promotions include Friday Rock ‘n Roll nights and Thursday Ladies Nights with a ‘buy one, get one free’ on premium cocktails, and daily ‘happy hours’ from
5–7 pm offering another free beer or premium cocktail selection with every purchase.

 Romeo’s Bar & Grillery—Jl. Padma
Utara, Legian |  Noon–01am

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image588. Beer Garden Kuta

This tavern inspired beer garden is located at the J Boutique Hotel in Kuta and features a cosy timber interior. The bar is also a solid block of wood, staffed by friendly bartenders who can whip up great cocktails and offer a wide assortment of drinks. An excellent combination between fantastic chilled beers, wines, a variety of fruity flavoured hookahs and daily acoustic live music every evening, make this spot a great hangout option in Kuta’s quieter southern area.

 Beer Garden Kuta—Jalan Kartika Plaza
No. 20, Kuta |  10am–01am

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image609. Posers Pub

It is a small spot located on Jalan Padma, one of Legian’s side streets famous for its budget bars and hangouts. The open front of the pub welcomes you into its rustic interiors offering cosy and friendly atmosphere. German specialties, from pork schnitzels, steaks and sauerkrauts, go well with an cold Bintang, served from a draught. There’s a good selection of local and imported beers and spirits, as well as an assortment of cocktails to choose from.

 Posers Pub—Jalan Padma Utara No. 1,
Legian |  8am–01pm

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image64Attention all yogis! We have a beer for you as well! Organic and made from only the finest imported malted grain, hops, special brewer yeast and pure Balinese mountain spring water. Stark is the only beer made in Bali and the only craft beer in Indonesia. There is also Stark wheat beer, and dark wheat beer as well as—and you are going to love this one—lager low carb beer. It is full body lager beer with benefits for health, low carbohydrate and low sugar.

By serving Stark Beer properly, the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in the beer that has health benefits will be consumed. B vitamins actually counteract hangovers. Also, Stark Beer is non-pasteurized, meaning it contains probiotics that are live micro-organisms that provide a healthy environment in your stomach and can help to neutralise toxic compounds. You can find the beer in big supermarkets and all better restaurants around the island.

Care for a sip?

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