Long gone are the times when Balimoon Liqueur and an imitation of Sex on the Beach were the two most popular you were lucky to find on the island of Bali. But things have changed and Bali’s cocktail scene reigns supreme these days!

A well-spiced Bloody Mary with your smashed avocado breakfast? This can hap- pen. An evening poisoned to perfection with top-shelf vodka? You shall find that here too. Bali’s cocktail scene is a thing now and many locally sourced coffee beans are blended into cocktails. Espresso martini has become something of an island specialty. Who needs their coffee hot in the tropics anyways?

Having replaced the cocktail garnish of mini-paper umbrellas with the likes of Vietnamese toffee apples and locally roasted coffee beans, Bali is now a cocktail heaven. Whether you are here for a week or a month, or you live here, cocktail haunts should be high on your agenda! Drinking cocktails in Bali don’t always mean watching the sunset or having a boozy night out. Sometimes it means the intermittence between snorkeling, beach walks and general fun in the sun on the private beaches. The restaurant’s cocktail collection is so creative, colorful and bursting you need not be in the mood for dinner to drop into some of the famous cocktail places.

Though after a few Hanoi Hustlers (think bourbon, vanilla liqueur, grilled pineapple & local orange) and one too many Toffee Apple Mojitos (hello house-made apple puree, mint and dark rum with a side of mini toffee apples), your appetite will also awaken. After some mahi-mahi flamed over coconut, coffee and cinnamon wood or chicken & pomelo salad with lime leaf and sesame seed you can continue to sample some of the good stuff. For ex- ample Brazilian Cooler, with fresh black- currant and homemade ginger beer, a martini of fresh lychees and rose water, or an orange curacao mai tai. And how about Lychee Tiffin Punch Vodka? With lychee, strawberry, mint, and vanilla. We also dare you to try Thai Thai – vodka with vanilla, citrus juice, Thai basil and ginger beer. And if you are into something really special try Popsicle – lemongrass liquor vodka with fresh lime juice served with mango and pomegranate popsicle!

Margaritas are also super popular on the island, and there are so many varieties that you will have a hard time choosing. Pineapple Kafir Lime Margarita – tequila with pineapple, kafir, lime and orange or Chilli & Lime Margarita which is tequila with honey and pressed citrus and pine- apple with a pinch of chili. And let’s not get started on Passion Fruit Margarita Tequila… All you have to do is choose a beautiful spot and enjoy. Cheers!■

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