A hot month!

April is chasing away the last clouds, great news are pouring on the Island of Gods. Not only Easter Bunnies will visit us but a full bunch of great djs.


Without any doubt, Nick Warren is the big man of the month! In 1988, the british born producer began DJ-ing in Bristol. Quickly he became one of the most popular DJs in UK, performing at the Superclub Vision and DJ-ing for Massive Attack. He signed for famous labels like Global Underground or Hope Records and hosted a show on Frisky Radio. You can tell when Nick Warren’s on the decks. His music is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, the crowd experiences all the peaks and troughs that make him so unique. He might start with his deeper take on house, then gradually morph into harder territory. Then, once Warren has the throng fully in his grip, sweating and losing themselves in the grooves, he takes them to points unknown they never expected to go. That’s why he is so respected: he knows how to truly work a crowd. To this day, he remains at the forefront of club culture: he packs clubs and arenas worldwide, transfixing dancefloors with his distinctively forward blend of credible progressive sounds, cut- ting-edge techno, atmospheric breaks and any other crucial grooves Warren deems appropriate for his turntable alchemy.


For Berlin artist Andre Crom, the background was different: after years of global touring and having coproduced a number of club hits, he eventually found his own trademark sound. Musically, Crom is exploring the borders between house and techno. Warm and raw saturated beats meet melodic and rhythmic themes, which add hook-factor and character to the grooves. The resulting tracks are as dancefloor-effective as they are emotional. He seamlessly combines house and techno, melodic and monotone themes, function and emotion, to create an effortless flow and deep connection with the dancefloor.


His fellow countryman Einmusik is unique. Sometimes the sounds are raw, sometimes dreamy and light-footed. House, techno, trance and breakbeats – everything flows into each other and ends up in a unique symbiosis. His live performance is unique and everything but hand-tame. Whether on a festival like Fusion or in a small club – in the end everybody is closing the eyes, forgets about the here and now and plunge into his cosmos, which seems to be endless.■

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