The value of diversity in schools

If you are living on the Island of Gods with your kiddies and they are starting school here, you will have one huge benefit – diversity!

Diversity matters in education because it builds understanding between people and helps them make educated opinions and judgments without prejudice. When people are more educated and embrace diversity, they learn to make judgments based on a person’s actions and words and not by their appearance.

While many people may immediately think of race when speaking about diversity, actually numerous aspects play into variety – especially in a classroom setting. Economic background, religion, gender, and even learning styles are all critical things, and it is vital to remember each one when promoting diversity in schools. Incorporating lesson plans that account for all forms of diversity is vital. Diversity among students in education directly impacts their performance. Studies show that students work better in a diverse environment, enabling them to concentrate and push themselves further when there are people of other backgrounds working alongside them. This promotes creativity, as well as better education, because with differing views are able to collaborate to create solutions.

Diversity among staff is also essential. Promoting diversity in staffing also enables students from different backgrounds to identify with teachers, effectively enhancing their trust in a learning environment. One simple fact is that students feel safer. A study published in the journal “Child Development” states that students feel safer in school and in life when they are educated in a diverse setting. Students are able to learn about different cultures and backgrounds, allowing them to feel a greater sense of comfort with these differences. That, in turn, makes them more comfortable with themselves, leading to a broader understanding of safety.

Educators and principals can also help students better understand that while everyone is different, in the most fundamental ways, everyone is the same. Each person should be treated with respect. This will go far in helping students accept diversity and promote it in their daily lives. And what better place to start than Bali – the island where people all over the world come to visit and – stay!

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