Unforgetable Moment with Your Friends or Family

Do you want to spend an extraordinary and unforgettable time with your friends or your family? But have you ever considered renting a yacht in Bali? Spend a day on a yacht with your loved ones! The liberty and exclusivity of the boat combined to the comfort of the decks and rooms give you the assurance to spend a perfect day. These boats can allow full comfort for up to 20 guests on a day cruises, and the fully equipped rooms can accommodate up to 8 people for night stays!

The regular time of renting is from 8am to 4pm but you can lengthen the stay for 2 or even more days. Admiring the sunset from on of the decks, spending a night on the beautiful seas of Bali and waking up to a delicious breakfast aboard are an incredible experience!

Sailing along the shores of Bali is not enough for you? Well a yacht cruise is not only a sunbathing and party on the seas opportunity! You can ask for many activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing… We want to make this cruise the most amazing experience for you so we will do our best to fulfill your wishes!

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