Things-to-do with Kids on Rainy Days

Don’t get those rainy drops keep you in the house with your kids all day long. Plenty of things to do in Bali with your little ones.

For example, first thing your kids will do when the rain starts—jump into the pool. They will enjoy it so much you wouldn’t be able to get them out. Even if it is raining it is still beautifully warm so that they won’t catch a cold.

You can maybe tempt them out promising a fun meal. Johnny Rockets restaurant at Beachwalk Kuta shopping mall is super entertaining place for kids. Dancing servers will make them laugh together with twirled straws, an open kitchen and music from the past eight decades. When they get their juicy hamburger and crispy american fries served with a ketchup smiley face, they will smile as well. Especially if they finish with one of the cool kids shakes like Batman Forever or Pink Panther.

Bowling is also a good way to fill in time, and the whole family can do it together in Paradiso Hotel in Kuta. It is close to Discovery Mall, so you can take your kids shopping too.

At Carrefour shopping centre on Sunset road, your kids can play numerous games in game arcades for a real bargain prices. While they dance or play virtual tennis, you can relax and for example discover that one of the best bread selection in Bali is in Carrefour—prepared by the French chef.

If you are really into a rainy adventure, take your kids to Jimbaran to Jenggala Keramik to paint their own pot. It is not for toddlers, but kids age three and up will have fun. You simply choose and pay for the pieces you wish to paint. Fridge magnets for 50,000 rupiah, side plates for 100,000 rupiahs, large water jugs for 200,000 rupiahs. Parents can have a really good cappuccino and a yummy brownie while waiting for their little artists.

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