In a country of 260 million people where the majority is riding motorbikes, it is hard to imagine another way of transport. But one new kind of vehicle can change it all and it is called – Skutis.

Propelled 100% by electricity, it is environmentally friendly, noiseless, and fumeless. Despite of their light weight, skutis can go up to 80 km/h and they are even completely foldable! You can also charge your skutis at any standard 220 v socket; same as you would charge your laptop.

With more than 30.000 users, skutis already created a new lifestyle in Singapore. Skutis Corporation, a Singaporean company with a new branch in Canggu, is set to make this happen on Bali too by offering skutis for buying, renting or guided touring. According to Skutis Corporation’s founder, Mr. Jan-Hendrik Jurgens, skutis will help to “decrease traffic jam, pollution, and noise, while pro- viding a new, fun, and green alternative means of transport.” In congested areas skutis are real time savers and they save money as well. For 100 kilometers, it costs only about 2.800 Rupiah to charge them. Skutis also do not require any registration, driving license or tax payments. To use Mr. Jurgens’ words: “Skutis will revolutionise your personal mobility!”■

Bali Pocket Magazine