Say “Happy Valentine” With These Lovely Gifts from Bali

Gift hunting for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day? Well, for sure Bali has no shortage of romantic gift ideas that you probably can’t get anywhere else. Saying “I love you” will never feel so easy!

Say it with Chocolate
The quintessential Valentine present that never gets old. The island produces a variety of delicious must-try chocolate derived from quality cacao beans grown in the region of Jembrana and Tabanan that comes with a fruity and herb-y aftertaste. Some of the favorite brands are the Wonder Chocolate from Bamboo Chocolate Factory (try their tasty Organic Sea Salt variety) and Pod Chocolate that incorporates local herbs such as ginger and lemongrass, plus they use organic nectar from the lontar flower for their collection of nectar bar, nectar pouches, truffles, and pralines.

Couple’s Sessions
One of the greatest things about living in Bali is the wonderful Balinese massage—so why not gift your significant other with the best spa vouchers? A Balinese massage is a combination of good ol’ traditional massage and acupressure using the body nourishing aromatherapy oils. To make it more special, make it an intimate couple session—it’ll definitely set the amorous mood for the rest of the day!

Gem for Your Precious
You will never go wrong with jewelry. As we’ve mentioned in another article this edition, Bali is also known for its gorgeous and intricate gold and silver jewelry, handmade by artisans who have been in the industry for generations. But if pearl is more of your preference, simply cross over to the island of Lombok for their world-renowned collection of precious pearls.■

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