Rainy Season—Mosquito Lady to the Rescue!

With rainy season in full bloom, it is good to prepare for a battle with mosquitoes. We all know that whiny, irritating noise happening around our ears while lying in bed and trying to fall asleep. Lady mosquitoes are not for a nap, though, they want blood. The easiest way is to light mosquito coil because it provides a constant dose of pyrethrum, something that ladies of mosquito world don’t like at all.

On Bali, you can get mosquito nets that are beautiful, decorative and functional. It is also common that people put mosquito repellent on the skin, and it is best to buy them in tropical areas since mosquitoes in Bali are resistant on repellent you might bring from Europe. But repellents are full of harmful chemicals, and not good for you. Since the rainy season is also bringing dengue fever transmitted by mosquitoes, it is best to be fully prepared. So what to do? Maybe it’s time to call a Mosquito Lady that is fighting that ghastly beast.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image48Trudy Rilling-Collins is the founder of Mosquito Lady Consulting, leading the way around the world in “Environmentally Responsible” mosquito control. She holds a degree in biological control of insects from U.C. Berkeley and has been working extensively in the tropical areas of the world to control mosquitoes and dengue fever. Her mission is to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in this tropical paradise and advise how to make a superior mosquito control without polluting the environment and putting people in health risks that regularly come with chemical pesticide use. You can check her website for all the info and help.

In the meantime try ancient Balinese way of fighting mosquitoes: eat a lot of garlic! It contains high levels of the antioxidant allicin that successfully warns-off mosquitoes. Also, try lemon eucalyptus oil and catnip oil as natural repellents for mosquitoes, which are ten times more effective than regular chemical mosquito spray.

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