Rachel Fearnly–Pineapple Lady

When you travel it is easy to fall in love with a place and just wish to live there forever. And some of the people are lucky enough to do just that. Like Rachel, who started to travel when she was just a teenager and at one point decided that yoga will be the main thing in her life.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image112She spent a few years travelling and working as a yoga teacher around Central America and Asia, before finally stumbling upon Bali. She had fallen in love with Bali, with the people and with the lifestyle so setting up her own business seemed to be the next step. She wanted to set up a retreat that she would want to come and spend time at herself, a place where like-minded individuals could come together to surf, practice yoga and to explore. So she founded The Pineapple House where people all around the world come to learn how to surf and do yoga. She found her inner peace because of her work and because of that she can be open for changes.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image111Surfing, yoga, creativity, wellness and healthy food is all that Pineapple House is about and Rachel says that setting up in business in an area that brings her so much joy and happiness for her is the best achievement ever!

She loves the whole of her 24 hours on the island. Her morning meditation followed by an early morning surf or a training session at Bali Fit, catching up with friends for breakfast, teaching a yin yoga class at Bali Fit, heading back to The Pineapple House to hang out with her guests and catch up on some work. Catching an afternoon yoga class before rounding her day off with an afternoon meditation, then spending her evening chilling, eating and spending time with friends.

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