The Pineapple House—Happy Place for Surfing and Yoga

Although surf and yoga are entirely different sports, they blend together beautifully. After fighting with waves (and conquering them), it is ideal to stretch your muscles and learn how to breathe in a right way. Since Bali is all about waves and spirituality, what better place is there to experience all this? Plus there is one special spot where you can get you inner balance back and find all about that fearless little tiger in you that can fight the waves—The Pineapple House Bali. The name itself makes you wish you were already there; it is so yummy!

Bali-Pocket-005---April-2016-129It is a laid back boutique retreat set in the heart of Canggu where everyone is welcome. No matter if you are yogini or just a beginner, starting to surf or a seasoned pro—they cater for all levels. Beautiful villa with comfortable rooms, healthy breakfasts, exercising and plenty of things to do around the neighbourhood is something that sounds very tempting.

Unlike other retreats, they steer away from busting-at-the-seams schedules and allow guests to carve out their timetable of activities depending on their energy levels, physical fitness and desires. They don’t want their guests going home more tired than when they arrived. That is why they encourage visitors to take time out and make more space in their day for the good stuff, to connect with like-minded folk, to read, relax, do yoga or go to a sunrise surf session.

Bali-Pocket-005---April-2016-130They attract guests who are cut from the cloth and friendships are formed immediately. There is no pressure or expectation on guests so they can do exactly what they feel from day to day, doing as much or as little as they like. A stay at The Pineapple House comes with complete yoga and surf packages, each tailored to suit your own experience level. So if you feel surf is too tough for you or you want more of it—they will make it happen. Most importantly The Pineapple House is run from a place of genuine love for what they do, for the connections to their guests and Bali.

If you still have doubts, check out TripAdvisor—they are ranked No.1 in Canggu for speciality lodgings.

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