Net Your Life

Here’s One Simple Zero Waste Tip to Reduce Plastic Bags in Your Life

By Sahiri

Hey here’s a chic and practical solution to reduce plastic pollution: bring a re- usable shopping bag wherever you go! Using them will certainly help a great deal in cutting down the use of the single-use plastic bag, and, for the fashion-forward, they look totally stylish and complement the smart shopper.

That’s why ecoBali introduces the neat 4-in-1 Netbag: an eco-friendly substitute for plastic bags to hold your fresh veggies and fruits. It’s very convenient, easy-to-use, and all of the four available bags (ranging from big to small) goes into one small pouch—and you can even use the pouch to store more!

Plus, each of the individual bags is very light that it would not add any weight when you put it on a scale after shopping for fresh produce at the market so the shop attendant could just add a price tag to it. And due to the perforated, net-like design of the bag, it actually saves resources and light.

Owning a Netbag will significantly reduce the use of plastic bags when you’re out shop- ping, and in the long run, we’re hoping that this would also eliminate the “need” for unnecessary packaging.

Not only for shopping, you can use the Net- bag to store your tropical must-haves as you soak up the sun down at the beach! Want to get your own Netbag set? Just a post a photo of yourself on Instagram that shows your plastic-free lifestyle. Tag ecoBali and use the hashtag #plasticfreeday and #balipocket.

Your zero waste life starts right now!

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