Want to enjoy your life in Bali without worrying about many things? MYCONCIERGE BALI is available to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year, from last-minute restaurant reservations, flight tickets, fashion events, VIP tickets, travel itineraries, property searches, international school access, to simple day- to-day errands.

No demand is too big or too small. The expert concierge team, along with their vast network, will make your daily life so much easier.

As the luxury lifestyle management and concierge service company, MYCONCIERGE BALI is dedicated to Bali’s most elite clientele. They exist to give you a fantastic privilege, more time and less stress.

Multiple membership packages are available to accommodate different lifestyles. You can choose to have a private concierge available exclusively from Monday to Friday or every day of the week. And if you are in Bali for a short stay, the MCB’s Holiday package is perfect for you.

Bali-Pocket-005---April-2016-132MYCONCIERGE BALI is an international and multilingual team that have developed a strong network of suppliers and a great knowledge of the island and its secrets. The team is highly focused and completely devoted to making sure that you receive the highest level of service. Strong backgrounds in hospitality, as well as continuous training, guarantee the skills and reliability in handling any situation that may arise in regard to your needs.

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