Living a Life as a Digital Nomad–Things to Know!

By Nadja

Surely you have met them – people constantly changing locations, switching from one place to another, traveling light and working remotely. They are modern-day nomads and because of the internet that allows them to work wherever they have good wifi connections they became known as Digital Nomads. It is a way of life which allows anyone to work online while enjoying the flexibility to constantly change locations.

Most nomads have some kind of place they can call home, which is usually where their family or childhood friends are located, but they wouldn’t spend more than a few months a year there. Nor would they settle down in a new home. For nomads – change is home!.

Not many people can stick to this lifestyle in the long term since most of us need a little stability and a private comfort zone. Nomads have no real home they can feel comfortable in and spend most of their time in someone’s else accommodation like a hostel, short rental, a friend’s place, or couch surfing.

Always respectful and positive
Nomads travel light and have a minimalist mindset. It means that they consume experiences instead of accumulating stuff. They know that real value are experiences and not material things. Plus it is very frustrating to carry things on their backs while constantly changing locations. Nomads usually travel slow. Even for the rare few who can live life without having a home, it is important to create emotional stability by staying longer in each location – usually 1-3 months in order to establish routines and make meaningful friendships.

Nomads are respectful, smiley and above all curious. Being positive also helps to mitigate one of the greatest disadvantages of the nomadic life, which is loneliness. We are all social animals, which means that without company, we wither and disconnect from ourselves. Since nomads have to keep on re- building their social circle wherever they go, being happy and positive is crucial.

Bali is a hub for nomads
Bali is fast becoming a hub for digital nomads, with a growing community of location-independent and remote-working professionals living here. Plus Bali has developed tremendously over the past few years, with a new airport and more cafes and cool Airbnbs than ever before. It is a great location to live cheaply, work remotely, learn about a rich culture and enjoy the great outdoors.

Most importantly -in recent years, the avail- ability and speed of broadband connections in Bali have improved dramatically, especially since the introduction of 4G and fiber optics. WiFi is easily available in hotels and cafes, and typical connection speed for WiFi 512kbps – 2mbps with some providers offering higher speeds. There is also an abundance of co-working spaces in Bali mushroom, making it a very practical place for digital nomads. These co-working spaces tend to offer the fastest connections on the island. Aside from comfortable workspaces, most of the island’s share offices also offer kitchens, conference rooms, private Skype booths, printers, and scanners. Many co-working spaces also organize regular events and activities where digital nomads can meet each other, exchange ideas and get inspired.

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