Kitesurfing — extreme sport for the brave

Kitesurfing, also known, as kiteboarding is maybe not as popular in Bali as regular surfing, but it is one of the most popular extreme sports of the new millennium.

It combines surfing as we know it with some elements of wakeboarding (using a similarly shaped board) and bits of kite-flying to the overall drill. With some practice, kitesurfing lets you speed over waves instead of pad- dling out and waiting for the perfect swell. Moreover, whenever waves are rather blown out and unfit for surfing, you might as well get your kite and gear for a great day out nonetheless. Kitesurfing provides the answer to those sloppy to windy days out on the beach. Bali has a good handful of spots for kitesurfing, as well as notable surf schools that offer courses for bored surfers or those simply interested in picking up this fun sport. These are the perfect kitesurf spots:

The wind in Sanur is onshore most of the time, and fairly light. The water is flat in the lagoon which offers a great navigation zone. You may enjoy trying out the reef waves on the barrier, but only if you are experienced and careful of the tides because kitesurfing is possible here only with high tides and half tides). You can rig up and start on Sanur Beach or Kite Beach which is just next to it.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is on the same coast as Sanur, the south-east, around twenty kilometers from the south. It is a large sand beach where there are quite a few luxury hotels. You can kitesurf in the lagoon on the rising high tide.

The wind blows stronger at this place as it accelerates across the land. It is actually a spot for experienced kitesurfers only.The waves are generally solid and good quality. To benefit fully from this spot, you should have a good level of kitesurfing.■

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