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Bali Pocket 007(Send)_page84_image97Who doesn’t know BOW, Best Of The World restaurant located at Jl. Batu Belig. In this sunny day, Jan, owner, and manager of BOW share his decision to living and working in Bali.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is JAN. I provide good food, good moments, good drinks, good laughs, and sometimes good ideas, for happy and smart people who do know how to live well and enjoy life. The rest of the time, I sleep fully or partly, night and day dreaming.

What path has led you to live in Bali?

I took the cheapest airplane ticket that reached a sunny place; and that brought me to Bangkok. From there I found my way, following the migrant birds, down to Bali.

What accomplishments have you achieved in Bali that have fulfilled you?

When I did put one thousand and one Kecak dancers, chanting and dancing on a hill during a full moon sunset, for the only sake of sending a real good healing vibration, during trouble times of bombs, wars and virus. Everyone there had goosebumps, even the cameramen were trembling, so the only film we had was the one taken by the crane in the hands of great explorer film maker Dusan Gersi. We took years, with master sound expert Tim Valkenburg who did the recording, to come close to mood master the final version, and became, in the process, all good friends by staying wild while being also a perfectionist.

If you have 24h to spend in Bali that you will remember forever, what would you do?

I would spend them in a Temple at full moon.

What advice would you give to anyone moving to Bali?

I would first congratulate them for their aware decision, and wish them to become even more aware, during their stay, in order to feel the flow, go with it, and avoid any accidents.

You can find JAN every day in his restaurant BOW BALI, on jalan Batubelig, 300 meters from jalan Petitenget. ■

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