Bali wine that can compete with the best world wines

Cantine Balita, the producer of Isola Wines, combines Italian and Balinese arts of agriculture to develop the quality of the local grapes grown in Bali. With the acquisition of a local vineyard in the begin- ning, they ensure to have 100% control of the entire viticulture. They are developing new techniques, specifically designed for tropical climates, in growing their grapes to obtain highest quality grapes in Bali.

They start with the agronomic part, because high quality wine comes from high quality grapes. By growing as organic as the tropical climate allowed, they are matching European grapes quality. While in Europe vineyards harvest only once a year, here in tropical area, grapes grow all the year.

Traditionally grapes in Indonesia are harvested three times a year with very short maturation periods, and this lower the grapes quality. Therefore our vineyards do only twice harvest in a year with longer maturation periods and only in the dry season said Bagus, the owner of Cantina Balita Winery.

The idea of Cantine Balita is to prove that Bali can produce also fine wines that can compete with the international wines; by do- ing all the process of making wines, from the vineyard up to winery, here in Bali. While at the same time we also grow together with lo- cal community by forming partnership with local people in vineyards and winery – said Bagus explaining the reason behind the es- tablishment of Cantine Balita Winery.

This is the future of Indonesia, a local high quality winery is only the tip of the iceberg, now any sort of high quality international products are been made in In- donesia, like chocolate, coffee, cheese, cured meat and many things. Cantine Balita will always look to develop more and more of the quality and the variety of local agronomy and local prod- ucts.

Isola Wine comes with three delightful varieties; an elegant dry White wine with intense aromatic bouquet which combines strong notes of yellow flesh fruits and floral; a fresh and balanced Rose wine which offers a bouquet with enveloping scents with strong fruity notes of berries combined with floral notes; and a surprisingly harmonic Red Wine with a ruby red color which offers aroma of fruit with red flesh com- bined with balsamic, spicy, and chocolate notes. All the wines are easy to drink and have very good aftertaste.

Enjoy your journey here in the Paradise Island with a thorough experience of Bali, from culture to wines!■

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