Introducing Bali Fit Bali’s Leading Fitness Retreat

Most of us think of vacations as a time to disconnect and let loose, but spend a week or two lounging by the beach and over-indulging at the bar and buffet and you’ll return to real life feeling more sluggish than ever. Hardly a recipe for health. That’s why more and more people are trading in the old-school all-inclusive holiday approach for an elevated style of wellness travel—the fitness retreat. And Bali has one of the best. Introducing Bali Fit, a holistic space in the heart of Canggu with an innovative approach to fitness and health.

Bali Fit is more than just fitness, it’s a way of life, a place where sweating and vacationing go hand in hand. Guests can book in for 7-, 14-, 21-, or 28-day retreats (or contact the team for a personalized package) that will totally transform mind, body, and spirit. Every day you’ll have a chance to break a sweat in a training session, stretch it out in a yoga class, and refuel in the onsite café, where you can load up on fresh, healthy, locally- grown fare. You also have access to a full complement of world-class nutritionists, physio and massage therapists, and mind-body specialists to dial in every aspect of your well-being. Onsite accommodations are provided with all the comforts and conveniences of home. Everything is taken care of. All you need to do is show up.

Bali Fit’s amazing team of trainers delivers comprehensive programming with up to five small group training sessions a day. Boxing, strength & conditioning, cardio, kettlebell and weight training, yin yoga, pilates, warrior flow, and yoga for surfers— no two days are alike. Push beyond your limits in power-fueled workouts, cooling down with the ocean breeze. With challenging classes, great food, a beautiful tropical setting, and a team of trained experts dedicated to taking your fitness to the next level, you’ll get fast and lasting results. Learn more at

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