Glamping–glamorous camping

Do you like to be in touch with nature but also want all the luxury of the modern world? Maybe glamping is ideal for you because it means glamorous camping!

When you are on a glamping trip, there is no tent you have to build, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, hut, villa, cabin, cube or tree house – everything will be waiting for you. There are glamping sites on Bali off course, offering unforgettable experiences in some of the most beautiful places on the island.

This fusion of glamour and camping – emerged internationally over the last decade. There are more and more travelers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives. The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers experience. You will have all the luxuries like running water and electricity plus super comfy bed. But forget about television and air con–some things have to remain in touch with nature.■

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