Get Your Bag to Save Bali Turtles!

Dear island-dwellers! in order to help with ocean conservation efforts, the French School in Bali is working with the organization Bali Sea Turtles and Ticket to the Moon, to promote sustainable development, one of our school’s most important objectives. Many new humanitarian projects are developing at the LFB, many of them concerning water.

119Last month, the 8th grade class helped release newly hatched baby Turtles with the association Bali Sea Turtles. All year long, volunteers from this association collect vulnerable eggs whose safety is at risk on the beach. Turtles return to lay their eggs at the beach where they were born, so their survival becomes more unlikely as the beach environment changes due to increased tourism and wandering animals.

Other dangers await once the turtles make it to the water where plastic and other trash collects. Only one turtle out of 1000 sur- vives, and so conservation efforts for these creatures are imperative.

The Bali Sea Turtles association is becoming more and more well- known, and a large number of local volunteers is seeing little by little the big changes that can come from such a small action. That’s why we want to help them by selling bags. They’re made out of the fabric used to make parachutes, provided by Ticket to the Moon, and they are particularly practi- cal and durable.

The idea of this project is to publicize the negative environmental im- pact of using plastic bags. The majority of the profits will be donated to Bali Sea Tur- tles and will also be used by our class to go on a trip to save the Balinese waters. Join us, let’s work together to build a sustain- able future and buy this bag at the French School or at the BOW every Friday night!

The senior class of LFB, Noémie, Camille, Chan, Balthazard and Jasmine.■

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