French-Indo Love Connection

How does one decide to live in Bali? Most of the people fall in love with this beautiful island, some of them have a job, and some of them find the love of their life.

That is what happened when Eric Guth met Monica Ku. He decided to propose and settle down on the island of Gods. Not only that but to leave his successful career in hospitality and work with Monica in fashion. She graduated in 2007 from Central Saint Martins, London, one of the world’s leading schools of art and design. She later worked with Emilio de la Morena in London and with a small private Couturier House in Paris. But since she is of Chinese-Indonesian origin she decided to come back home and create the beautiful design in her country. Eric has been in the hospitality business and opened Bvlgari Hotel here on Bali. And on this island, they fell in love and decided to stay.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image87Eric believed in his wife so much that he decided to leave his successful career and establish fashion business together with her on the island where competition is massive. They are now running fashion brand House of IOCO, trendy and minimalistic, pure in design but with a twist.
Monica is artistic director, and she has a strong concept and idea about what fashion is; creating clothes for every woman, no matter what shape or size, from elegant and unique design, always comfortable, and only from the best fabrics. She loves Japanese design such as Yamamoto and dresses very simple, but cool and stylish. Eric runs the business and loves to wear her linen shirts and leather shoes she creates. They love what they do, and you can see it immediately.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image86They started their business in 2014 and going strong. They already have eight shops, as well as the SOOK brand for younger generations.

Their plan is to expand to Java and explore opportunities in Malaysia. Soon they will also sell clothes online, and they have distributors in Paris and Australia.

In the meantime, they combine business and pleasure in travels but choosing Bali as their perfect destination because of fantastic lifestyle on the island. Perfect home for trendy, fashionable couple.

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