Explore Bali’s Weekend Market!

Don’t forget to bring your shopping bag before you head out to the beach – you don’t wanna miss the weekend markets!

By Sahiri

It was a bustling shopping-spree scene, the air a bit hot and humid but, hey, we are in open space Balinese climate after all. It’s Old Man’s monthly bazaar where tropical and street style fashion is in no short supply, along with a food section that caters to all sorts of taste, including a New Zealander’s
family recipe pies.

“I love going to these bazaars because I can find a lot of interesting things like natural beauty products and gorgeous handmade accessories that I can’t find in any other place,” says Sitta (34), Customer Relations Manager at an Italian restaurant in Petitenget. “And the prices are quite affordable too! They never make me go, Wow—that’s expensive!”

For sure the so-called weekend markets are another option for people to spend their days in Bali, a pop-up distraction from your usual by-the-beach proclivities. And it’s al- most spread out across Bali: there’s one in Sanur at Byrdhouse Beach Club, another in Ubud that goes by the name Ubud Organic Market, and aplenty in Canggu including the new Taman Nauli Sunday Market at Jalan Raya Canggu no.176 (next to Pepito Canggu) , and the ones in Samadi Yoga and Wellness Center and Love Anchor Boutique Complex. So why are these bazaars so popular on the island? Naturally it’s catered to visitors whose purchasing power throughout their holidays the vendors are relying on, a casual place for them to shop something that they can either wear on the spot or bring home to as gifts or souvenirs. They also have in mind the middle-class shoppers and most definitely market-specific, which is why you get inexpensive and quirky stuff at Old Man’s Bazaar or health-conscious products and food at Samadi’s.

“I think my favorite one is the Sunday Market at Sea Vu Play,” says Allegra, a Italian jewellery designer who are now residing in Bali. “I really like the setup because it’s in a restaurant, and the location is also quite nice because it’s a bit upmarket in Petitenget. It has a nice vibe and the music is great.”

Shop for a cause? Oh yes, they got that covered too such as the annual BIWA Charity Bazaar held recently on November 5, created by a community of women from various nations and cultures that was founded 43 years ago. For this year’s event, the proceeds go to funding for orphanages, assistance towards the mentally disabled and hearing impaired and providing cooking equipment.

The bottom line: it’s a shopping haven that won’t break the bank—sound like a great deal to us!■

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