Expat Profile — Petr Hindrich

Petr Hindrich is one of the founders of the As an environmental activist, he also initiates Eco-Libraries which generate the kids to love and protect the environments.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image403Could you tell us something about yourself?

I grew up in a small town in communist Czechoslovakia reading books about exotic places and dreaming about traveling there. Later I studied East Asian Studies and Linguistics in Prague and MBA in Seoul. Now I’m a digital nomad living between Canggu and Singapore.

How did you arrive at Bali? What path led you here?

Ten years ago, as a snowboard freak I was supposed to spend winter in Canada, but due to the strict visa policy I decided pursuing my plan B instead—learn how to surf. I studied intensively Indonesian and about the culture from books and booked ticket to Jakarta, only to find out later that the place to go for surfing is actually Bali.

From Jakarta airport I took moto taxi to Pulo Gadung bus station and spent two nights on a bus to Denpasar. From then things got only better. I got a second-hand surfboard, push bike and called Kuta a home for half a year while staying in guesthouse with a Balinese family.

Over the time while coming to Bali regularly I got more confident with the waves and started to explore Indonesia’s other islands. I discovered the amazing biodiversity of the archipelago and felt in love with Indonesia’s Nature. Therefore it makes me extremely sad to see all the environmental issues.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image402What accomplishments have you achieved in Bali or Indonesia that have fulfilled you?

With a couple of friends we set up green-, a non-profit organization on a mission to promote education for sustainable living to Indonesian children. Throughout all Indonesia we initiate Eco-Libraries and provide books about animals, plants and environment to make the kids curious about nature so they would fall in love with it and protect it. Moreover we’re developing games and activities that inspire children to have sustainable lifestyles. They will become eco-literate which is an important value for humans in order to thrive on this planet. So far we have initiated more that 25 Eco- Libraries.

How would you spend your ideal 24 hours in Bali?

Stretch my body in the garden and check out emails, brunch with rice field view at Cinta Cafe in Canggu. Take dogs for a walk to my secret beach on the South coast of Bukit and do some beach cleaning on the way. Then go to Kelan Beach in Jimbaran Bay and experience the Uluwatu Sunset Cruise aboard of Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, dipping into the ocean and sipping cold beers. Candle light dinner in Jimbaran Bay and maybe on the way back home do some clubbing in Seminyak.

Do you have any advice for someone moving to Bali?

Please appreciate the local wisdom, culture and nature. Try to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Be kind to everyone you meet, and mostly to the environment. Let’s make Bali a better place by applying the 3Rs: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Think twice before you use plastic straw, plastic cup or Styrofoam container, there are alternatives. Bring textile tote bag whenever you go shopping and reusable drinking bottle.

If you wish to help the eco-libraries, please contact:

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