Expat Profile — Loic Greuet

Loic Greuet, one of the founders at Bali Spirulina shared his story with us. Following is our recent interview with him.

Tell us something about yourself, and how did you arrive in Bali?

I’m French from the suburb of Paris. In 1994, I arrived in Bali for a vacation and I instinctively fell in love with the island. I kept coming back to Indonesia for 3 years as a student in anthropology to study the Badui Tribe in west Java and the Mentawai tribe in Sumatra.

In 1998 I start to work as a tour leader for Terres d’Aventures, a French company specialized in trekking. It was the opportunity to finally settle in Bali. After 13 years I stop my tour leader job and I had to find a new activities.

What accomplishments have you achieved in Bali or Indonesia that have fulfilled you?

Today Bali was changing a lot toward development and I always feel sad about that. So the question was: what is missing in Bali now—except more villas and restaurants? Spirulina was the answer for me.

Spirulina is a micro algae which is actually the best super food available. It can bring wellness to Indonesian population, this is a necessary complement for vegan or raw food and it is good for the environment as it doesn’t need a lot of water and will absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen 10 time more than forest at the same surface.

So I join with my friends Sentot and Made and we start Bali Spirulina. We settle in Kedungu where we have 400 m2 pond to grow this wonderful green goddess.

We provide dry Spirulina as powder, crunchies or spicy crunchies (flavored with Indian spices) and we also promote the use of fresh Spirulina. The farm is open to visit to promote and inform people about all the potential of this blue green micro algae.

How would you spend your ideal 24 hours in Bali?

Wake up early morning for a yoga session then go for a crepe and juice at Temptation Cafe in front of Sunrise School. In the afternoon go to Kedungu Beach with the kids, have some sunrise surf to finish the day with a nice view of Batukaru montain.

Do you have any advice for someone moving to Bali?

Respect the locals and enjoy this harmony between men and mother nature.

If you wish to learn more about Spirulina, please visit:

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