Expat Profile — Divina Lune

To be an artist is to be sensitive. Feel more, explore more, never compromise. Divina Lune is all that plus even more—fearless. The beautiful Serbian painter always knew that she doesn’t fit in regular 9 to 5 society boxes and that she wants something different. She could hardly wait to finish elementary school and go to art high school. Shortly after, she got into the Art University in Belgrade and decided to study design.

It was there at the university that Divina discovered and fell in love with batik. And that led her to Indonesia. Two months after graduation, she got a scholarship in Yogyakarta in Java—at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. As she says, Yogya was like an art Disneyland for her, and she loved to learn about the culture and collaborate with different local artists.

After some time in Yogya, Bali was her next destination. “Moving to Bali was the pretty obvious decision,” said Divina, “because I always dreamed of drowning in the beauty of this island. Bali has diverse beauty, and each part of it has a different rhythm. So I think absolutely anyone can fit in here.

“Bali gives me space and width. Life here for me is running without tension and it is very creative. I love the fact that I can sink into the sea of the beauty of nature, breathe freely and without prejudice because I decided that my life can’t be confined into something that must be!”

Asked about which part of Bali she likes the most, Divina chose Amed, a beautiful coastal village Northeast of Bali. “I likes Amed the best because it is so intimate. It has mountains, volcanic sand and the ocean and that is the place where I feels Bali the most. I can explore and have a perfect gateway. Because I draws the inspiration for my works from everyday observations of the world around me.”

For Divina art is not about something that you like or dislike, it’s not just a word. For her, art is something that will cause emotion, reaction, stir people. Only after that she knows if she succeeded in her works.

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This March, Divina will have an exibition at Republik45 Restaurant in Kerobokan, where she also runs the PR department. She will display all her works—paintings, installations, photographs and video projects under the name Beauty of Ugliness. At the end she will perform with a live band, because Divina is also a flamenco singer! And the one that takes your breath away.

Recently she started to collaborate with Singaporean dancer and artist Zanicca Soledad, whom she calls her artist soul mate. The two girls plan to make new art videos soon. Bali brought them together in creativeness and they plan to take that further to Istanbul, Marocco and Israel.

You can find the date of the exhibition and live performance on Divina’s Facebook page.

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