Elisa Mattout

Say hello to Elisa Mattout, marketing manager of the famous Bamboo Blonde. Currently enjoying her life in Bali, Elisa took some of her time to share her stories through our recent interview with her.

Bali Pocket 007(Send)_page84_image101Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am Elisa, from Paris in France, I moved to Bali 3 years ago, and I am working for the fashion company Bamboo Blonde as a Marketing Manager.

What path has led you to live in Bali?

I was sick of my stressful life in Paris and was dreaming about island life, so I started to apply for jobs online in South East Asia. Marie the owner of Blue Glue gave me an amazing job opportunity so I came to live in Bali.

What accomplishments have you achieved in Bali that have fulfilled you?

In Bali I have been given professional opportunities that I couldn’t have had in France, my background is Graphic Design and Management in Retail. I have had the chance to first work for Blue Glue bikinis as a Business Developer, then for Bamboo Blonde. I have learned a lot, like art direction in fashion shoots, social medias, digital marketing, photography, and I even realised a wall painting for BB store in Oberoi.

If you have 24h to spend in Bali that you will remember forever, what would you do?

I would probably spend it in one of my favourite beaches in Bukit, The Finn’s beach or Pandawa beach, and then eat grilled fish on Jimbaran’s beach.

What advice would you give to anyone moving to Bali?

Be patient with Indonesian people, and try to adjust to their mindset and culture. Also, forget all your Western referrals, it doesn’t work this way in here, and mostly CHILL and enjoy the wonders of the Island of thousand Gods.

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