It’s So Easy to be Eco-Friendly in Bali

It’s all too easy to get distracted by the beach and the coconut water to care about everything else, but if you’re equipped knee-deep in environmental concern already prior to holidaying or staying in Bali, well, the island will make it easier for you to try and care for the environment.

Don’t like plastic straws? You can buy a steel straw from a popular health food shop in Semer, Kerobokan area, along with other eco-friendly everyday items such as bamboo toothbrush, beeswax food wrapping, reusable shopping bag, and the chance to buy food (say sunflower or pumpkin seeds) using your own food container. Moreover, even when you buy one of their pack- aged items, you can bring the packaging back so they can be recycled. Sustainably chic, right? Even now more and more restaurants and cafes are using eco-friendly food packaging, such as the plastic-like cassava-based eco bags, the so called biofoam (or bio-box), a substitute for the toxic Styrofoam that is made from bagasse, a dry fibrous residue from crushed sugarcane; and wooden cutlery.

And another inventive way that perhaps can only be found in Bali than in any other parts of Indonesia is the Refill My Bottle initiatives spearheaded by several eco-conscious business owners that aims to reduce bottled mineral water. Just check their website or download the app, and you can find “stations” across Bali where you can refill your reusable water bottle for free or a fixed price. Hopefully, this is one trend that never goes out of style.

Bali Pocket Magazine